Jared Dudley 24 Points/1 Dunk Full Highlights (12/26/2014)

More apologies are in order. A week ago, I made a Jared Dudley highlight video wherein he scored 19 points. This seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do at the time.

I know now that I have grievously wasted many people’s times with that video.

Why would you watch Dudders score 19 when you could watch Dudders score 24 on ten-of-ten shooting? There are 400 people out there who frittered away a precious minute and a half, perhaps more if they read the description, on a video without consequence or purpose. That’s thirteen total hours of time that could have been put towards something more productive, like watching Cory Joseph highlights.

If Dudders scores 30 in the next few games, I think I’m just going to delete my channel. I can’t stand the thought of bringing so much pain into people’s lives.

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