Cole Aldrich Career High 18 Points Full Highlights (12/27/2014)

Attention Kansas Jayhawks fans:

How quickly you have given up on Cole Aldrich! After four seasons of not doing much at all in the league, your attentions became focused on other Kansas players who you thought would excel in the NBA: Ben McLemore, Thomas Robinson, one Andrew Wiggins, and many more. You remember fondly the days when Cole would beast in the NCAA, but there is no room for him in your heart these days, so limited are his minutes and so few his points. Deep down in the cockles of your heart, in that secret, dark, place, you think that Jeff Withey might have a more successful career trajectory than Cole will. There is no longer any point in mindlessly becoming a fan of the team that Cole ends up on.

That all changes today. Cole Aldrich is a certified beast and card-carrying DeMarcus Destroyer, you just didn’t know it. His hook shots are pure like a single ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds. His rim-protecting ability is fierce like a predatory jungle cat stalking its prey. His shoulders are wide like a mighty river. His ability to avoid committing fouls is…wait, he fouled out in 26 minutes, so he fouls way too much. Anyway, at least he scored a ton of points. Jayhawks fans can officially get back on the Cole Aldrich Hype Express with your conductor, DownToBuck.

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