Rodney Stuckey 20 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (12/27/2014)

Rodney Stuckey, or as I like to call him “Really Sucky”, was a fixture of the Pistons for years. He arrived too late to participate in any championship runs, so his days in Detroit are not likely to be fondly remembered. He was even the leading scorer on a couple of those teams, including 16 points per game in 2009. That’s higher than I remember. Maybe I need to amend my nickname to account for his non-suckiness.

Or maybe I don’t. He isn’t too good anymore, though he can still score when he feels like it. If you’re a lovelorn Pistons fans who wants to remember the good old days, but not the GOOD old days, this would be a perfect vid to watch. 20 points, 8 assists, a nice game for a vet-min player. If you’re actually a Pacers fans looking for Pacers highlights, just watch some Paul George or Reggie Miller or something. Do not concern yourself with this season and its accompanying highlights.

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