Zach LaVine 12 Points/14 Assists Full Highlights (12/27/2014)

How many assists would you expect the “best point guard in the league” to acculumate with these players:

Blake Griffin – Great finisher, adequate midrange game for pick and pops
JJ Redick – Elite perimeter shooter
DeAndre Jordan – Dunks everything even close to the rim
Matt Barnes – Can make shots accompanied by an angry face

What about a super-raw rookie shooting guard forced to play point:

Andrew Wiggins – Bust
Gorgui Dieng – Senegalese bust
Glenn Robinson III – Let’s just say he’s not like his father
Troy Daniels – Chucker bust
Shabazz Muhammad – Left handed bust
Thaddeus Young – Alright maybe this bust can hit some shots.

I would certainly expect the first player to acquire 15 or even 20 assists, easily. The second player? Maybe three or four.

Get ready for loss of cranial integrity. The first player is none other than Chris Paul, and he only got 8 assists tonight with that lineup. What a joke! The second player is your very own Zach LaVine, who wrung 14 assists from the Timberwolves-jerseyed collection of corpses that was trotted out tonight. Taking into account the fact that Zach is way younger, I know who I want on my team.

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