Joel Freeland 10 Points/2 Dunks/2 Blocks Full Highlights (12/28/2014)

Since this is my first Joel Freeland video, I would like to welcome the many hundreds of British viewers that are happening upon my channel for the first time. G’day, mate! Wait, that’s Australian. How do Brits greet each other?

‘Ello, guvna!

This isn’t even Joel Freeland’s career-best game. He scored thirteen points once. Why didn’t I make highlights then? What a gross and heinous oversight. From this point forward, I promise to continue making videos for the British Bulldog whenever he scores a decent amount of points.

First-timers should know that I love a good ol’ comment war. Today’s topic: are Southerners (“fairies”) are a bunch of aristocratic posh pricks? Are Northerners (“monkeys”) uneducated, poor, and violent? How big of an inferiority complex do Northerners have? Why would so many Northerners be moving south if the North was as great as they say? Why is weather in England such rubbish?

Are Scousers the worst people ever, or is that Brummies? Is Yorkshire the biggest dump in the whole of Britain? Do Yorkies think that London is a bigger dump?

Feel free to make some comments about Midlanders because I honestly don’t have any stereotypes about them. Topics also up for discussion: Polish immigrants, CCTV, Tories, and Sharia law.

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