Nick Young 21 Points Full Highlights (12/28/2014)

I’m just going to copy tweets from Nick Young’s twitter since I don’t have any ideas for a description. Take it away Nick:

Nick Young @NickSwagyPYoung · Dec 22
What’s shoes should I wear Christmas day

Nick Young @NickSwagyPYoung · Dec 4
Yall got iPhone’s but that’s point I’m tryna make

Nick Young @NickSwagyPYoung · Dec 4
Because now I’m top 5 coolest dude in the world lol

Nick Young @NickSwagyPYoung · Dec 4
You can still be cool and get good grades, me personally I was the opposite swag out and dropping out, my grades were all bad.

Nick Young @NickSwagyPYoung · Nov 14
Get your popcorn ready!!!!!!!

Nick Young @NickSwagyPYoung · Oct 25
Punkin patch day with my lil man

Nick Young @NickSwagyPYoung · Oct 21

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