Rudy Gobert 11 Points/13 Rebounds Full Highlights (12/29/2014)

NBA players like to swear. In that regard, they are no different than anyone who plays basketball past elementary school. It’s an intense sport; when you get into it, stuff just flies out of your mouth without any filter that you might normally have. I myself have said regrettable things on the court (no I’m not telling you what they were).

That’s why the NBA really needs to turn down the sensitivity of the mics they have on the rims. While it may be cool to hear the sound of the net swishing throughout the whole arena, they end up picking up a lot more than that. Especially when DeAndre Jordan is in the game. You be the judge: did Rudy travel or not? God damn it.

Only rarely have I heard the commentators apologize to their viewers, and then only in a roundabout way, saying “We’re sorry for the technical difficulties”. Yeah, the technical difficulties being NBA players are a bunch of potty-mouths.

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