Henry Sims 19 Points Full Highlights (12/30/2014)

How horrible does your team have to be for your commentators not to say anything after one of your players gets an and-one dunk? Sure, the Sixers were down by thirty-something, but Sims just came rumbling down the lane and packed it on Kuzmic. That’s awesome no matter how many points you’re losing by.

The only indication that something had even happened was the Warriors’ PA guy saying “Henry Sims”. Maybe the Sixers guys should just take the rest of the year off if they’re not even going to call the game. You can broadcast the arena PA announcer instead.

This is worse than the time they spent two minutes talking about their fantasy football lineups. The Sixers might be getting paid to be bad but the commentators are getting paid to be good, and they’re not earning their paychecks.

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