Shabazz Muhammad Career High 30 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (12/30/2014)

From the dumpster fire that is the Timberwolves’ season, a dumpster phoenix rises majestically from the ashes.

You can guess who that phoenix represents. No, it’s not a real phoenix, those don’t exist. Come on. You know this one. Sh… Sha…

No. Not Shavlik Randolph. He plays for the Phoenix Suns, true, but he is not a metaphorical phoenix. How about I’ll just tell you.

It’s Shabazz Muhammad! I admit, I thought he was a huge bust during his rookie year. I guess that’s why you don’t apply the bust tag until someone’s been sucking for at least a few years, because Bazz has been killing it this year. He has somewhat fulfilled the insane hype he had in high school, which is in itself a good accomplishment.

This performance is a huge outlier in terms of making perimeter shots. We didn’t see as many of the lefty hooks that he is famous for. Could it be that he is expanding his game, as a young player should? We can hope. At the same time, we can be glad that at least one of the Timberpups is showing something.

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