C.J. Miles 22 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (1/2/2015)

See, I almost did it right there. I typed in 2014 in the video title. Luckily, I caught my mistake, and was thus spared the ridicule of over-critical commenters, but that was too close. Way too close. I’m losing it over here.

This is just too much stress. I hope everybody enjoys watching C.J. Miles score 22 points on an assortment of difficult-to-make and otherwise ridiculous shots, because DTB might have to place himself on injured reserve. Every time I look at the number “4” it reminds me how close I am to total self-annihilation. Whoever installed the modern Roman Calendar system (probably some asshole Roman emperor) can go die in hell. There’s no reason why years need to exist in their current form.

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