Gerald Green 21 Points Full Highlights (1/2/2015)

I have been keeping tabs on the Suns on social media. Don’t ever say DownToBuck is not tech-savvy! I like to keep track of who is saying what about the players in Phoenix. I’ve seen lots of weird opinions, lots of half-baked trade ideas, and lots of hero-worship. But one thing is really concerning me above those things.

No one is using my new Gerald Green nickname! I’ve been pushing this baby hard, but not hard enough I guess, so I’m trying again, this time with an incentive.

First, the nickname itself. “SwaGG”. Swag with a Gerald Green (that’s the GG part) touch. It’s perfect. There is no moniker that would be more appropriate, now or in the future.

Second, the incentive. It’s not enough for you to just start using it. That would be too simple. Instead, you have to actively recruit others to start using it, others who might not be aware just yet. That’s right: this is an affiliate program! Forget about all the misconceptions you might have about knife salesmen or whatever. This is different. If I see someone on social media using the term “SwaGG” in reference to Gerald Green, and you tell me that you told them to start using the term, you get money!

Well, not real money. Even better! It’s a thing I like to call “respect”. I will send you two or three respects per new user. It’s a great deal, you really can’t pass this one up.

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