Greivis Vasquez 25 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (1/2/2015)

After days of communications with my contacts in the Toronto area, organizing secret raids and implementing wiretaps, I have finally gotten a hold of a list of Greivis Vasquez’ new years resolutions. I also have a lot more information about Greivis that I’m not going to share due to its highly personal nature. Lets just say that maybe Greivis doesn’t prefer the vanilla stuff as much as he tells everybody.

Forget about his fetishes for now! Here’s the list!

-Ask out that cutie Maria who works concessions in the D Concourse
-Help out at the homeless shelter
-Be a more considerate person overall
-Convince management to trade for a real backup C; maybe Fab Melo?
-Increase awareness of the rich cultural heritage of Venezuela
-Improve the image of Venezuela within Canada by telling people that there’s more there than just oil and a corrupt, anti-west dictator
-Correct people’s impressions of Venezuela being near Mexico or being a state within Mexico
-Get DownToBuck to stop calling me a Mexican

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