Jordan Adams 12 Points Full Highlights (1/3/2015)

Sweet! Now I kind of know who Jordan Adams is. I kind of had in my head a short point-guardish player who really liked to shoot tons of awkward looking threes. Turns out I was thinking of Michael Adams! Silly me.

As is the case with any middling rookie on a contending team, Adams doesn’t get very many chances to prove himself. He took the most of this one, scoring 12 in the last half of the fourth quarter, a performance which will likely be rewarded with no increase in playing time and perhaps even a stint in the D-League.

This is a good time to introduce my new idea for fans of non-starter players. Why not have a second game during the breaks in the regular game, where only end-of-benchers and injury report inclusions get to play? This is just a rough concept; more details will be forthcoming in a future description.

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