Jusuf Nurkic 11 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (1/3/2015)

Some people have been wondering why I have neglected to do Jusuf Nurkic highlights so far this season. Normally such inquiries don’t warrant a response; it’s either because the player in question is too good, or too bad. I don’t do Harden scoring a ton of points, and I don’t do the lesser Dragic scoring three.

I’m feeling generous today. The real reason I haven’t done Jusuf Nurkic highlights is because I don’t like Bosnia. At all. Herzegovina, if you want my honest opinion, is like 20 times better, and would do well to disassociate themselves from the smelly Bosniak people.

Jusuf had a good game tonight, redeeming somewhat the utter shortcomings of his people. He might lead the league in “crappy tip rebounds that he had no business even getting close to” per 36 this year, with the rest of his offensive game lagging behind. I really like how he antagonized Marc Gasol after blocking him repeatedly. That’s the kind of the thing that needs to happen more in the NBA; no more “we’re all friends here” crap.

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