Archie Goodwin 12 Points/1 Life-Ending Dunk Full Highlights (1/4/2015)

Archie Goodwin scored 29 points in the season finale last year, causing an offseason of unreasonable expectations. He barely got to play that year, and the last game of the season is the worst one for judging the actual quality of players.

He barely got to play his rookie year, as the youngest player in the league. If he made any leaps in the offseason, we wouldn’t know; he doesn’t get to play much this year either. The Suns have a lot of decent-looking young players and Shavlik Randolph rounding out their roster, and it seems to be random which ones get spot minutes any given games.

Good news, Archie faithful! The object of your adulation just killed Jonas Valanciunas with a vicious poster dunk, immediately causing the Lithuanian’s vital functions to cease as he cowered in fear. It may not have been dunk of the year, but it’s def top 10 material. Let the memory of this happening carry you through the rest of the season where Goodwin gets 300 total minutes.

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