Hassan Whiteside 11 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (1/4/2015)

Forget about my “Upside” nickname for Hassan Whiteside. It’s still good, but it has been supplanted by an even better one, one that I can’t even take credit for.


Damn. Perfect! Because the Heat are kind of disappointing right now, and aside from Wade and Bosh the only bright side of watching Heat games is Hassan Whiteside! And it rhymes! Such creative nickname construction is surely beyond my grasp.

If anyone was expecting Brightside to make this kind of an impact, they can get out because they’re lying. No one expected this. Brightside himself is probably thinking right now “Damn I got a double-double and five blocks? For real? Am I still in Lebanon?”. The Nets may be bad, but they are not Lebanese Basketball League bad yet.

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