Kendall Marshall 15 Points Full Highlights (1/4/2015)

It’s become abundantly clear that Brandon Knight isn’t a point guard. Well, he is, but not the kind you want running the team and distributing the ball. It’s not unusual these days for teams to trot out an undersized SG at point, there are a bunch of players who everyone jacks off who fit this description. In fact, your point guard is looking to score first and pass second unless you have Paul or Rondo

Or Kendall Marshall. His assist numbers aren’t as gaudy as they were for the Lakers, a system which produced insane numbers for any point guard they plugged in. He’s still a passing wizard, though, and that attribute makes him a joy to watch after seeing Knight pound the ball into dust.

Why did the Lakers waive this guy again? I’ve asked before and still have not received a satisfactory answer.

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