Jordan Hill 23 Points Full Highlights (1/5/2015)

Jordan Hill is second-last only to Brook Lopez in one critical stat: inches jumped per jumpshot. Brook Lopez averages 0.1 inches, with Jordan Hill not far behind at 0.6 inches. There are other players (mostly big men) who are also averaging below one inch.

It’s probably a strategic decision on the part of Hill. He knew that the opposing center would be hesitant to go all the way out there just to contest a long two-pointer, so there was no need to shoot over the outstretched arm of a non-existent defender. Might as well conserve small amounts of energy for future use, right?

That’s kind of how I shoot jumpers too, although in my case, it’s because my fragile twig legs are too weak to propel my body upward with any force. I just tell people I’m a big Jordan Hill fan and they buy it. Nobody needs to know my secret.

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