Jeff Ayres 16 Points Full Highlights (1/6/2015)

I have not had occasion to make Jeff Ayres highlights since he changed his name from Jeff Pendergraph. He will always be Jeffy Pendy in my heart. He has not done much with the Spurs since he’s arrived, which makes sense, because he’s not very good. I went back into the archives and pulled out some gems that Spurs fans had to say after they acquired him.

“A poor mans mcdyess”

“Fuckin terrible pick up what are they spurs doin hope our young players improve and manu too cuz this guy aint gonna do nothing but worm the bench trash.”

“i think pendergraph is better than Baynes.”

“I don’t know how he’s going to be used either but I have faith in pop to figure that out”

“Damn he’s got an ugly shot”

“I am not sure how this signing helps the Spurs”

“He looks far more aggressive and is taller than Diaw”

Those people who were criticizing the signing are probably more right than the people having faith that he would be good. He is a reminder that the Spurs’ FO does not bat a thousand, that sometimes they don’t develop every scrub they pick up into a beast. See also: Austin Daye.

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