Pero Antic 13 Points Full Highlights (1/7/2015)

Fans of Macedonian basketball are surely saddened by the lack of playing time for their country’s sole NBA representative, Pero Antic.

There’s not much to be done about it. Al Horford is finally healthy again, and he’s getting the bulk of the minutes at center, as he should. Last year’s “everyone in the starting lineup should shoot threes” strategy is being continued this year, excepting Horford who only reluctantly shoots them. Pero’s reason for sticking in the league is his outside shot, and it was the reason he started so many games for the Hawks.

I wish it were different, though purely for selfish reasons. Pero Antic vids can get a lot of views! He has way more fans than Al Horford, I’ve found. Don’t you guys have some Macedonian basketball league to follow or something?

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