Rudy Gobert 11 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (1/7/2015)

Rudy Gobert looked out his hotel window at the Chicago skyline. He loved the big cities, anywhere in the world, but Chicago was one of his favorites. The skyscrapers, majestic in their immensity, reminded him of himself; too tall for the surroundings. The game was in a few hours, but he knew what he had to do.


He stood in the lobby, having prepared himself for the journey outside. To a passerby, he would be very conspicuous; a 7-foot tall behemoth swaddled in seemingly endless layers of winter garments: Jackets, sweaters, two pairs of mittens, boots, some snow pants, and several hats perched one atop another adorned his frame. And, indeed, he had attracted a fair bit of attention. Tourists stood and gawked, a few of them being so bold as to take pictures.

The lobby elevator opened, and there stood Trevor Booker, intent on his own plans of a different nature. He saw Gobert preparing his exit, and laughed.

“Yo, man, what are you all dressed up for? Going to Mount Everest today?

“Ibs col.” Rudy responded, his words muffled both by his accent and the multitude of scarves and masks covering his face.

“Whatever man. Hey you want to join me? I’m hittin’ up some clubs, I hear there are some fine ladies in Chicago, and you know they always down for some hot NBA action!”

“Nu thiks”

“Alright, have it your way. Enjoy Mount Everest!” Trevor laughed again as he left.

Rudy Gobert waited for a bit to make sure his teammate was long gone, then exited the lobby as well. He wanted privacy. As much privacy as he could get in the crowded streets of downtown Chicago, anyway.

He walked, the shadows cast by the skyscrapers making the day even colder. Gobert didn’t notice, partly due to his attire, but mainly because of his preoccupation. How tall they were, how strong, how sturdy…

“Hey, watch it!”

Rudy barely noticed the pedestrians so far below him, however much they noticed him. These buildings were his brethren, these mammoths of steel and concrete. The sun could not penetrate them as hapless players could not penetrate his rim protection. But as they blocked the sun, the giver of all life, so they also reached toward it, yearning to ascend ever higher, and to become immortal.

Gobert stopped in the middle of a busy intersection, his arms raised as high as they could go, his eyes closed in ecstacy. Cars honked, drivers swore, but he paid no heed. He was one with the towers.

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