Donatas Motiejunas 17 Points Full Highlights (1/8/2015)

Our greatest fears have been realized: Donatas Motiejunas has not been getting the touches he used to while Dwight was injured. Well, maybe not the greatest. Even greater was the fear that Josh Smith would come in, displace D-Mo’s starting spot, and take all but the most garbagy of minutes from him. Thank goodness that that hasn’t happened. Yet.

Anyway, the times of Donatas getting tons of post touches are over. He still gets some, and he’s still having good games, but not in the quantity of either that he did for a while there. I don’t know about the protocol for requesting trades, but if he could somehow force himself to the 76ers that would be sweet. He could score 25 a game there if he wanted to.

I’m only half kidding.

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