Nik Stauskas 13 Points Full Highlights (1/9/2015)

I admit I had my posterior firmly planted on the Nik Stauskas hype train leading up to the draft. I was led astray by home videos of him shooting threes in the rain, by deviously constructed highlight packages, by the general overexpectations for rookies, and by the collective hivemind of a bunch of dudes on the internet. Can I really be blamed?

Nik has not been the player I thought he would be. That’s not unusual, as I’m not the player I thought I would be either. All is not lost; Ben McLemore really sucked his rookie year, and now he’s doing okay! We just have to wait a bit. The NBA is tough, a lot tougher than college or overseas ball, and rookies nowadays have a hard time making an impact right away.

What am I talking about? Nik Stauskas is a bust, now and forever. There is no hope for him, and I would encourage any Kings fans reading these words to abandon any hope of him ever becoming good ever.

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