Austin Daye 22 Points Full Highlights (1/10/2015)

Here’s an experTip for Austin Daye: eat some god damn brownies.

Here’s another: if you’re gonna be in the league because of your shooting ability, make damn well sure you can actually shoot.

And a third: find an all-you-can-eat buffet and live there forever.

Austin Daye has surely disappointed even the most positive-thinking Spurs fans. He had a good game right after they acquired him, scoring 22 points and getting everyone’s hopes up. The Spurs haven’t needed him to be good until now, which is lucky for him because he has really been sucking.

The Spurs are dealing with a rash of injuries and need all the help they can get, lest people write them off again. Him being good would provide a stretch-four type thing whose name isn’t Matt Bonner, a useful piece for the Spurs.That’s too much to ask, probably. The Spurs got the single allotted good game from him last year, and now they’ve used up his good game for this year before the playoffs even started.

Starting in place of Belinelli (or Anderson? Ginobili? Somebody), Austin finally took advantage of an opportunity and scored 22 points while grabbing 10 easy rebounds. His stroke looked so good that it made me wonder why he can’t do this more often. Did the Spurs even perform the scrub-to-role-player ritual on him?

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