Gorgui Dieng 18 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (1/10/2015)

“Gorgui, man, I could use some of your African wisdom right about now.”

Gorgui looked over to see Shabazz Muhammad wearing a very pleading expression on his face. “Last time I tell you story of how Moon and Sun Came to Dwell in the Sky, you make fun. Maybe if Shabazz did not dismiss Gorgui’s advice, Gorgui would be more anxious to give it.”

Shabazz looked apologetic. “That was my bad. I didn’t want to listen that time. My judgement was clouded by my love for a woman. Now that bitch is out of my life and my ears are open as they never were before.”

“Okay, Gorgui help. What the problem?”

“Have you ever had a friend, but he’s not really a friend, and he won’t ever leave you alone no matter how much you try to ignore him, and even after he moves to a new city he still wants to hang out all the time?”

Gorgui’s brain tried to process the words that had shot rapid-fire out of his teammate’s mouth. “Okay. I understand you. Yes, I have had such friend, and in fact, he still considers me to be friend. Let me tell you story of Two Snake and the Rock in the Shade.”

Shabazz leaned in to hear this traditional Senagelese folk tale which undoubtedly had many hidden meanings and metaphors.

Gorgui cleared his throat, then began talking. “There were two snake in the desert. The sun burned so hot, so hot. To avoid getting dried up, the two snake find refuge under cool rock. These two snake were from different part of country, but they meet during travels and come to like companionship. However, one snake is white, and one black, so not much they have in common. Under cool rock, white snake want to play game and eat many rodent, but black snake just want to relax to prepare for next part of journey. When two snake leave next day, white snake is too tired and he is burned up by hot desert sun. Black snake eats him and continues on. And that is the story of Two Snake and the Rock in the Shade.”

“It’s just like me and Alexey…” Shabazz muttered.

“Wait, Alexey bother you too?” Gorgui asked in surprise. “He still call me every day even though he in Houston. He want to hang out even though the distance between is so great.”

“No way! I wonder how many of our other teammates are getting borderline stalked by this crazy Russian? Anyway, your story really helped me out, thanks Gorgui!”

“No problem. Anything for Shabazz.”

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