Kelly Olynyk 23 Points Full Highlights (1/9/2015)

“Forgot my shades.”

Kelly Olynyk walked in to the storage room, grabbed his sunglasses, put them on, and walked out without another word.

The members of Starcubism, minus their keyboardist, looked at each other.

“Don’t tell me you expected that, Moonbeam.” Ferguson said agitatedly after briefly being buoyed by Kelly’s reappearance.

Moonbeam wore a different expression than the usual serene one he carried. “No, I had not forseen this. The path before me is dark, I fear this may be the true end of Starcubism.”

The band sat in silence, memories of their last jam still fresh in their minds. The magic had returned, here at Kamloops Mega Storage, and they all knew it. A single cassette tape stood as the only testament to the art that had transpired.

Ichabod put his drum sticks on his stool, and left wordlessly, just as Kelly had. Ferguson sadly packed up his guitar, mumbled an inaudible goodbye and followed. Conrad twanged his bass aimlessly for a while, then dropped his instrument on the floor with a bang, and walked out. Perhaps out of habit, he turned off the lights behind him, leaving Moonbeam alone in darkness.

“Is this what the end feels like?”

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