Kyle Korver 19 Points Full Highlights (1/11/2015)

Kyle Korver has fallen out of the 50-40-90 club, everyone’s favorite arbitrary creation to showcase that Larry Bird really was one of the best of all time for real guys I’m serious. Actually, maybe the Korveman is back in it now after this good shooting performance, I’m too lazy to calculate it.


Okay, I’m back, and having used the power of maths, I can say that he’s officially back in the club, shooting a cool 151 of 300, 50.3 percent. The lengths I go to to keep you guys happy.

He’s also part of the just as arbitrary but much more exclusive 50-50-90 club, which consists solely of him and the bouncer. If I were him I would spend more time in this one, the other one has too much of Steve Nash talking about his back problems.

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