Andrew Wiggins 20 Points Full Highlights (1/13/2015)

Here’s a thought experiment for you: what would happen if it had been Andrew Wiggins, not Mo Williams, to score 52 points in this game? How would you react? How would the internet react? How would the NBA react?

First off, I would lose my mind. The second I saw that such a thing had occurred, I would shout expletives at the top of my voice. I would be instantly convinced that Wiggins was destined to be the next superstar. There wouldn’t be a doubt in my mind. If he scored 52, what would be stopping him from scoring 60 or 70? After scoring over 50, he would instantly get all the touches he wanted. After the high wore off, I might consider making highlights, but a performance of that magnitude deserves a better tribute than my pedestrian editing skills can provide. I would let Dawk Ins have the honors.

The internet would obviously explode. All the major places for basketball discussion would get overrun by people trying to be the first to start the thread. Even people who don’t understand basketball would tweet about it on twitter. Obama would probably tweet at Wiggins himself. So would Drake. And MJ.

The NBA would trumpet it like nobody’s business. They would probably buy billboards in Cleveland to taunt all the fans there. There would be at least six different videos uploaded to their channel. The frontpage of would probably just be a close-up of Wiggins’ face. Even if they didn’t do anything at all, there would suddenly be a lot more interest in the Timberwolves. The Wolves would probably jack up ticket prices as every game turned into a sellout.

But no, it had to be Mo Williams. That’s cool for an old guy, but I wanted Wiggins to do it. Twenty points is really lame in comparison.

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