Manu Ginobili 27 Points Full Highlights (1/14/2015)

As Manu Ginobili enters the twilight of his career, we start to see more clearly the dichotomy that he has always had. Most of his career, his negatives (boneheaded turnovers and flopping) were negated by all the other things he did to affect the game. Manu still has games where he looks like his normal self, in fact most of them are that way, but he’s started throwing in a clunker every few games, where he costs the Spurs with poor decision making and poor shooting.

Games like this make it easy to ignore the bad. 27 points in only 23 minutes is pretty nice, especially with the way Manu was scoring these points. He pulled out the Euro-est eurostep ever against Cody Zeller to go with his halftime-ending buzzer-beater three. The Spurs’ collective ages may have finally caught up with them (I know that people say that every year but I’m serious this time), but they still know how to put on a good show.

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