Elfrid Payton Career High 22 Points/12 Assists Full Highlights (1/16/2015)

The board was laid out in front of Elfrid Payton, the pieces arranged precisely. Across from him was fellow rookie Devyn Marble. They had taken refuge in one of the lesser-used training rooms, and thus far, had not been disturbed in their studies.

“And you see here, with this seemingly obvious move, bishop G-1, that Kieseritsky inters himself in a grave of his own making. Remember Devyn, it is not always prudent to take the obvious course of action without considering all possibilities.”

“I must say that Anderssen did a good gob with these sacrifices. I agree, though, that this was clearly a mistake by Kieseritsky that could have been avoided with a little forethought. However, over the board, or on the glare of the hardwood, one’s judgment can become clouded and any opportunity for reprieve is siezed for in the manner of a drowning man gasping for air.”

“Yes, and that is why we must prepare our minds and bodies equally. Kiesertsky paid the price for his slow development. We will not suffer the same fate!”

Elfrid swept away the chess pieces and board into his duffel bag, and stood up.

“Who’s ready for some squats!”

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