Kyle Korver 24 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (1/17/2015)

“How do you not know where he is?”

“There’s Kyle again, wide open. WIDE OPEN. How do you lose Kyle Korver?”

“You gotta keep a man on him at all times.”

“Tom Thibodeau look’s like he’s gonna go on a killin’ spree after Kyle makes yet another three.”

The best part of any Hawk’s broadcast is the incredulity of Dominique Wilkins after Kyle Korver makes a three. He has a hard time understand how, given Kyle’s well-known three-point marksmanship, opposing defenders could ever allow him to shoot.

It’s not like teams are talking before the game saying “Yeah, we can just leave Kyle open a few times, gotta be sure to stop Horford first and foremost.” It’s hard defending Kyle Korver. Leave him for even a second beyond the long line and you’re milquetoast. He’s always moving around, coming off picks, maneuvering to get even a sliver of an opening to shoot, and while he’s doing that the rest of his teammates are moving the ball, putting even more pressure on the defense.

The Bulls only totally whiffed a few times; the others were in transition or just difficult, contested shots. Trying to stop the best three point shooter in the game is a tall order, you just have to hope he misses some of the time.

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