Alexis Ajinca Career High 22 Points Full Highlights (1/18/2015)

Alexis Ajinca has straight gangstered the last two games. However, for a guy named after the most dominant leader in all of antiquity, Alexander the Great, this is to be expected. With such a powerful and conquering nominal lineage, anything less than a constant display of post move prowess would be a disappointment.

Did you know that the Egyptian city of Alexandria is named after Alexander the Great? Well, if any Egyptians watched this game (doubtful), they would change its name to Alexisandria, as they would immediately be compelled to honor Ajinca in some way. Nobody can resist the allure of a 7-foot-1 skinnyfat behemoth pulling out Dirkaways and pivot-step dunks all over his defenders. I was allured so strongly that I am actually contemplating changing my channel’s name to “PelsKitchen”.

If anybody would like to talk me out of it, they’re welcome to try.

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