Enes Kanter 24 Points/17 Rebounds Full Highlights (1/21/2015)

Lost in the ecstatic falderal around Rudy Gobert’s emergence is the vague disappointment of Enes Kanter. The 3rd overall pick from four years ago, still only 22 year old, written off already. His refined offensive game is no match for the raw potential of the 2 months younger Gobert.

The Jazz must have seen enough post action while Al Jefferson was in town, because Enes only rarely gets to use his back-to-the basket game. In an effort to retain relevance, he has extended the range on his jumper to the three-point line after taking only three such shots his first three years. Centers who can shoot and rebound are a commodity, a commodity that seems unwelcome now in Utah.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see him with a different team at some point soon. His time in Utah is clearly up; Gobert is the future now. Kanter could still be a good fit on a team somewhere, though his relative lack of interior defense, a skill so important for today’s centers, makes his value less than one might think it should be.

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