K.J. McDaniels 14 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (1/23/2015)

KJ McDaniels made his way to the back of the team plane, where Luc Mbah a Moute sat in a row by himself, reading an ebook. He took a seat next to his teammate, and then looked at him expectantly.

Luc had noticed KJ’s approach, and determined that it was not his own responsibility to engage the rookie. He made no indication that he had noticed KJ at all, and continued reading his book on the troubles of post-colonial Cameroon.

KJ cleared his throat. Luc, again, made no response.

“Uh, Luc, I got a question. An important question. I hear you’re knowledgeable ’bout this sort of thing.”

Luc had been anticipating this, and put his tablet down to look at the younger player.. “I’m always happy to help a younger player in navigating the ways of the NBA lifestyle. What do you want to know?”

McDaniels hesitated, unsure of how to phrase his inquiry. “So, yeah, I was, uh, having some fun with a chick, and I, uh, have some questions about where certain parts of her, um, anatomy are?”

Luc laughed, happy that he was able to field a reasonable question for once. “Oh, the G-Spot! That’s a tricky one, kind of like a pick-and-roll; not a lot of people are able to figure that one out on their own. So, if you start at the…”

“No, no, not that. I know where that is. I’m not stupid. I was talking about, um, I think she called them “nipples”?


“Or maybe nibbles. Hard to understand in the heat of the moment, you know. She said somethin’ like ‘Oh KJ, please play with my nipples!’ and you know I never heard the term before so I just kept ramming it in, like I wasn’t paying attention to her. But next time I see her, I def want to give them special attention. K-Smoove is a ladies man, he keeps his ladies satisfied.”

The veteran player sighed. “Alright, I’m gonna keep this quick. You know a lady’s breasts?”

“Yeah, thems the best part.”

“Those different-colored pointy bits at the end? Those are nipples, KJ. Simple as that.”

KJ looked stunned. “Those things? I always called ’em mini-tits! Damn. Thanks!” He stood up to return to his seat. “Hey Jerami, I found out what nipples are, and you won’t believe it when I tell you!” He yelled toward the front of the plane as he walked.

Mbah a Moute watched him depart with a half-smile. Then, shaking his head, he returned to his reading.

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