Luol Deng 23 Points Full Highlights (1/23/2015)

We haven’t heard a lot about Luol Deng since he went to the Heat. He’s only the third banana on his new team, a team that is suffering noticeably from the departure of Ray Allen.

Another thing causing his relative anonymity this year is his apparent inability to dunk. Dunking is the machinery that drives the NBA; players who don’t do it are rightfully blackballed by the league for not pulling their weight. He’s still playing as well as ever (besides the whole not dunking thing), about the same as his all-star years. Sadly, it turns out that when you don’t have a maniac who plays you 40 minutes per game your raw stats go way down.

These things combined mean that the Luol Deng hype train is pretty much just a hype handcar being ridden by his mom.

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