Paul Pierce 19 Points Full Highlights (1/24/2015)

Is Paul Pierce the biggest bust of all time? I mean, with the tenth pick in the draft, you kinda want more than just an average role player. You want somebody who can elevate your team to a championship, somebody who can be a ten-time All Star. Not this scrub sandwich.

The Celtics absolutely screwed up that pick in 1998. I would put this second only to the Bowie pick in terms of sheer front-office ineptitude. I mean what were they even thinking? Were they thinking at all? Yeah, superstars Michael Olowokandi and Raef LaFrentz were off the board, but there were at least fifteen or twenty guys taken after Pierce that would have been a way better fit for the Celtics organization. They could have had All Star-caliber bigs like Rasho Nesterovic or Brian Skinner. If they felt like they had a need at SF, which is the only reason I can think of that you would even try to reach for Paul Pierce in the first round, they should have gone for Roshown McLeod. That guy could straight ball.

There were so many right answers in that draft; how did they manage to pick the wrong answer?

I can’t believe I made highlights of this bum. And that’s the truth.

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