Willie Green 16 Points Full Highlights (1/29/2015)

There was a time when I thought Willie Green was an underrated player. A time lost to all about the most wizened elders, a time when peach trees blossomed on the riverbanks. A time when the Hawks had Tracy McGrady, as well as Willie Green.

Wet Willie put up some decent per-36 scoring numbers that year on career-best shooting from three. Now that I’m looking at his basketball-reference page, damn, I didn’t realize he was 33 already. He spent all those years in Philly?

This video fills a very specific niche, and, as the only representation of his time with the Orlando Magic, must be archived for posterity. That’s why I burned this video to a VHS tape, put it, along with this description written on a notecard, in a tupperware container, and buried it in my yard. The ravages of time will not be felt by this treasured piece of history.

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