Nerlens Noel 14 Points/”6 Blocks” Full Highlights (1/30/2015)

The boxscore for this game says that Nerlens Noel had six blocks. The tape tells a different story, with two of those blocks being quite clearly accomplished by Mbah a Moute and MCW respectively. I understand, scorekeepers. When a shot gets rejected and Nerlens is in the vicinity, it’s only natural to automatically give the credit to him.

The other four blocks, though, are totally legit and awesome. So good that it makes me wonder about the possibility for a “Block Contest” to replace the dunk contest.

Seems like a good idea, right? Just have some meatball (or possibly an NBA player who got famously blocked, maybe Reggie Miller?) throw up an easily smackable “shot”, and have the contestants try and to the most ridiculous stuff to block it, without goaltending. I would pay a lot of money to see a 360 windmill block, or a block from the free throw line.

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