Bradley Beal 26 Points Full Highlights (1/31/2015)

“Marcin, can you do me a favor?” asked Bradley Beal, putting on his coat in preparation for a night carousing about town.

“What’s that?”

“If we see Denise at any of the clubs that we visit, could you be a bro and not say anything to her? I know you keep ribbing me about how in love I am with her, but I’m really not ready to address those feelings right now.”

Marcin put both hands on Bradley’s shoulders and stared at him with a serious expression. “You know I would never do anything to sabotage your chances with a woman,” Marcin said with no trace of humor in his voice. “If you wish that I not talk to Denise, than I will not talk to Denise, even if I think that in my talking to Denise, I can get my friend Bradley closer to his goal of dipping his love stick in.”

“You’re the best, Marcin.”
“So you sure you don’t want any of these other hot women?” Marcin asked, surveying the dance floor as he and his teammate shared a drink at the bar.

Bradley sighed. “No. It wouldn’t seem right. You go on ahead, Marcin. That blonde over there keeps looking at you like she wants some home-made Polish sausage.”

Waving his hand, Marcin replied, “If Bradley goes without poon for whole night, then Marcin shall as well, in show of solidarity.”

Bradley looked sadly into his beer. “Well, what was the point of coming out here if we’re just going to drink beers like two losers? You should get to have some fun even if I’m hung up on a certain someone.”

“Not so fast, Bradley! Marcin may yet get some, as you will never guess who just walk in door!”

“You mean Denise!?” Bradley exclaimed, swiveling his head frantically in search of the stunning brunette. “I hope she doesn’t see me. Did she see me? WHY ARE YOU WAVING? MARCIN, STOP WAVING! WE HAD AN AGREEMENT!”

When Marcin didn’t stop his gesticulations, Bradley murmured, “I have to go the bathroom.” However, when he went to get off his stool, Marcin grabbed his arm with an iron grip, forcing him to stay.

“Hey Denise!” Marcin greeted warmly.

“Hi Marcin. Hi Bradley,” Denise greeted in return, smiling her beautiful smile. She looked stunning in what should have been plain clothes, jeans and a T-Shirt.

“H-h-hey Denise,” Bradley stuttered, forcing a smile on his face. He tried to come up with something cool to say so that she would like him. “Too bad about the loss tonight,” he finally managed to say. However, as soon as his words were out, he winced. That had been too self-centered a thing to say. Why couldn’t he have just complimented her outfit?

“Yeah, but that comeback was really inspiring. And it was all thanks to you, Bradley,” she said earnestly.

As he felt the heat rise in his cheeks, Bradley was thankful for his black skin, skin which didn’t blush. Even without the blush, though, he was too flustered to respond.

Marcin, noticing his friend’s predicament, said, “Wow, Denise, you in heat or something? That very flirtatious coming from your mouth.”

“I was just trying to tell Bradley what a good game he had, since he seems so down on himself,” Denise responded.

“Oh, that too bad. Because Bradley want nothing more than to-”

“Marcin, shut up right now,” Bradley interjected. “I’m warning you. We aren’t going to be bros anymore if you keep saying what I think you’re going to say.”

“As I saying, Bradley want nothing more than to take your clothes off right here and make very loud sex on the bar,” Marcin said happily as, behind him, Bradley had put his head face-down on the bar surface. “Screwing Denise all he ever talk about. He even talk about making impromptu romantic visit to your house so that he can romance you and then have sex in all position.”

“Thanks for the heads-up, Marcin,” Denise responded “If Bradley’s listening over there, I hope he knows that I think he’s a creepy loser and a stalker as well. See you.”

As the object of his desire walked away, all hopes for a relationship utterly obliterated, Bradley glared angrily at his teammate. “Didn’t we agree before we went out that you wouldn’t talk to Denise?”

“She the one who basically walked over here. I was trying to ignore, but she very persistent woman,” Marcin said innocently with eyebrows raised.

“Don’t lie. You started waving your arms like an epileptic the second she walked in. And now she hates me.”

Marcin patted Bradley’s shoulder. “Do not worry. Now she know of your interest, and she will be in bed with you before you know it!”

At the thought of sharing a bed with Denise, Bradley groaned and again plopped his head down on the surface of the bar. “I hate you, Marcin. I hate you so much.”

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