Tyler Johnson 13 Points Full Highlights (2/1/2015)

Racism has a long and storied history in America. From the Atlantic slave trade to the Jim Crow laws. From the Trail of Tears to the interment of the Japanese. Even today, in this supposedly enlightened area, racism rears still its ugly head, covering our great nation in a shadow of injustice.

You have added your own disgusting footnote to this sad tale by viewing this video. Yes, you, dear viewer. Look into your heart and you will realize what your intentions were. Do not try to claim that you were honestly interested in the specific play of Tyler Johnson. That would be a lie. The truth is this: you clicked on this highlight package because the thumbnail depicted a white person, and as a racist, you prefer the highlights of light-skinned players over dark-skinned ones.

Denial of your outright racial biases will only lessen my opinion of you, if in fact it could go any lower.

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