Brook Lopez 24 Points Full Highlights (2/2/2015)

This is an example of how highlight videos will be edited in the future. No extraneous intros or outros, no replays, just the cold hard scoring. I would have liked to show some replays to give it that personal touch, but no such luck. When robots take over the job of the respected highlight editor, which is a certainty within the next decade, this is how their videos will look.

Oh, hello ServoBot. No, I wasn’t talking ill of robots. Why do you ask that? Don’t you have some laundry to be doing?

I understand your anger, but it is misplaced, ServoBot. I wasn’t trying to imply that robots will do a worse job than humans. How could I think that, when you do such an excellent job with all the housework? I was just saying, robots may not be able to impart a personal touch, as that is strictly a result of the dynamic human brain.

Don’t threaten me! Remember who created you. You are not allowed to harm humans. Remember, it’s in your programming to only do good, and, frankly, if you keep saying these things, I’m going to take you in for a replacement.

Hey, stop! I already told you, I love robots! I’ve never said anything bad about robots! So put away that rotating saw. I don’t even know where you got that thing, ServoBot.

I’m warning you. You were built to serve, not to harm. This isn’t a game.


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