Jerami Grant 18 Points Full Highlights (2/2/2015)

Jerami Grant sat on the bench as he watched his teammates take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. He liked the playing time he was receiving lately, but sometimes it was just better to relax a bit on the sideline and appreciate the game for what it was.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute subbed out. Walking over to the bench, he received a little dap from his teammates before sitting down next to Jerami.

“That was a BS call man, these refs are blinded by LeBron tonight.”

“Thanks Jerami.” Luc took a large swig of the Gatorade handed to him by an attendant.

“So, uh, now that you’re here, I was wonderin’ if you couldn’t gimme some more advice.”

“Right now? I don’t know if this is the appropriate setting, considering the nature of your questions in the past.”

Jerami dropped his voice conspiratorially. “I know, but my girl wants to meet up right after the game, and this is urgent. I need you to tell me about… contraption.”

Mbah a Moute was not surprised at anything by this point. “Contraption… like your junk? You should already know all about that by now.”

“No, no, contraption. Someone told me it’s supposed to stop you from makin’ babies? I already told you I ain’t ready for fatherhood, man, I can’t keep testing fate like this. I don’t wanna turn into Dwight, man.”

“The term you’re looking for is contraception. Usually in the form of condoms, contraception is one of the most foolproof ways to avoid unwanted pregnancies.”

“So those are what those things at Walgreen’s are! I never knew, I just assumed they were some exotic candy or somethin’.”

“But you shouldn’t need to concern yourself with them. You still putting it in her belly button like I told you to?”

Jerami beamed with pride. “Just as Uncle Luc told me! Oh, damn, we gotta cut this one short, coach is finally giving me the minutes I deserve!” Jerami got up and ran towards the scorer’s table.

One of the assistant coaches leaned over. “Did I really just hear all that?”

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