Danilo Gallinari 22 Points Full Highlights (2/3/2015)

I offer to you now an exclusive look into my thought process for choosing who to do highlights for.

– Who should I expertly compile highlights for?
– Someone on the Nuggets had to have had a good game
– Probably JaVale McGee
– I love JaVale
– What’s wrong with the Nuggets anyway?
– Oh damn Gallo had 22 that’s pretty sick
– He used to be so good
– 10 free throws are you serious?
– Gotta pick someone else
– Wilson Chandler had 19
– No one likes that guy though
– Maybe Gallinari wouldn’t be so bad
– There’s a whole country full of people who like Gallinari
– For some reason
– They might watch a video containing Gallo highlights
– Are they awake right now?
– They have to be at some point
– Let’s go for it

Hope you enjoyed a look into my decision making! Especially the Italians in the audience. This video’s for you!

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