Hollis Thompson Career High 23 Points Full Highlights (2/3/2015)

Hollis “Hlay” Thompson was one of the success stories for the Philadelphia 76ers last leason. Success being defined as “not absolutely horrible all the time”. He shot the three well, and I, at least, saw shades of Wes Matthews. It’s not like I saw MJ or Kobe in him or anything, but it’s something.

Sadly, as is often the case in life, the reality of the situation (him being an undrafted player on a tanking team) caught up with him, and he is now shooting under 40 percent from the field. His above-average shooting was the only thing he really had going for him; now there is no compelling reason to put him on the court other than, you know, tanking.

Tonight’s career high in points might change that, perhaps he has turned a corner and will cast off the bad-shooting low-volume exoskeleton and regrow a new good-shooting low-volume one. We can only hope.

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