Tyson Chandler 21 Points/6 Dunks Full Highlights (2/4/2015)

How many manly hugs were hugged within the organization when Tyson Chandler returned to the Mavericks? Ten? A hundred? A thousand? Since he was a big part of their team winning the Larry O’Brien, you’d think that everybody there would want to give him man hugs. At the very least, Mark Cuban had to have given him a lingering man hug where he squeezed Tyson really tight and said stuff about how they were going to win another one and how sorry he was that he didn’t keep him around. Dirk probably gave him a man hug as well, although he might have also done that European cheek-kissing thing. J.J. Barea most likely went for a handshake, then got pulled in for a bro-hug anyway by Tyson, resulting in J.J.’s face being planted right in Tyson’s scrote.

Even the janitors probably got to hug Tyson. When you win a chip, leave, and come back, everybody wants to hug you in a masculine non-sexual display of bro-ship.

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