Ryan Kelly 20 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (2/6/2015)

R. Kelly does not get enough credit around these parts. What’s the deal here?

He has single-handedly revolutionized the R&B as well as Hip Hop scenes. The record sales speak for themselves; the general public indeed recognizes his true genius. However, the music punditry seem to have nothing but bad things to say about him, criticizing his oft-accessable output as not being “true”.

The only thing that’s not true around here is their laughable opinions.

I mean, he’s from the South Side. How much more “true” can you get? “Black Panties” was a modern masterpiece, one of his best outputs. His collaboration with 2 Chainz on the single “My Story” was sublime. I disagreed somewhat with his decision to work with Lady Gaga, but he has earned the right to do what he pleases artistically. Even his upcoming house album will surely be yet another perfectly-placed brushstroke on the canvas of his career.

Plus, he can score 20 in an NBA game. I don’t know how much more talented one guy could be.

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