Tyler Johnson 18 Points Full Highlights (2/6/2015)

The blown layup is every NBA player’s worst nightmare. An uncontested bunny right at the rim is the easiest shot in the game, so easy that kids on their first day of basketball camp hit at least 50% of them.

We can now add Tyler Johnson to the list of players who have missed a point-blank gimme with nobody in the vicinity. The good news for Tyler is that he was SO wide open that he was able to get his own rebound and do it right the second time.

This has to be more embarrassing than missing a breakaway dunk. With a dunk, it’s understandable that you’d miss, because dunks are hard. The average person can’t dunk. However, you could take any fan in the world and plop them in an NBA game, and if they caught the ball under the basket with no defenders on their side of the court, they would score two points. Tyler Johnson almost didn’t.

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