Hollis Thompson 18 Points Full Highlights (2/7/2015)

Hollis “Alcohollis” Thompson was in a prolonged slumpy-wumpy for the whole first half of the season. After a promising rookie campaign where he alone managed to emerge from the stinking tar pits of the 76ers organization, his shooting regressed and his role was diminished in favor of other players.

DownToBuck decrees: Thompson’s long nightmare of poor shooting, injuries, and reduced minutes is finally over! He has put together three good games in a row, and the Sixers have one two of them. It looks like nobody told this guy that the Sixers are supposed to lose, because he’s balling out of his mind.

If he keeps this up, which he probably won’t but we can be optimistic anyway, I look forward to making more video thumbnails of him with a goofy face. Only Danilo Gallinari consistently makes stupider facial expressions.

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