C.J. Wilcox 10 Points Full Highlights (2/8/2015)

I have not gotten far in my quest to accumulate intelligence on CJ Wilcox. I’ve gotten to the point (but no further) where I now realize that he is not the awful Chris Wilcox, who really sucked.

Despite my newfound clarity on the state of Wilcoxes in the NBA, CJ remains at a disadvantage. He will always evoke thoughts of “Bad Wilcox” (who sucked and I hate him), no matter what he does in the league. This first double-digit game is a fair start to fixing my impression of him, but it won’t be until he drops like 30 or something that any lingering distaste is washed away.

30 points for CJ isn’t likely in the cards this season. The Clippers may be imploding in on themselves, but it would take a lot more imploding before he would receive the minutes or touches to score that many. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, though, it’s that you never count out the Clippers when it comes to reaching new lows.

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