Luke Babbitt 15 Points/4 Twos Full Highlights (2/9/2015)

Luke “Alloy of Tin, Copper, and Antimony” Babbitt is another one of those things called a “three-point specialist”. To illustrate his specialness, take a look at this stat: prior to this game, he was shooting 18% from two-point range.

You can forget about all that now. It turns out that Anthony Davis was really holding this guy back from dominating in the paint; Babbitt hit FOUR shots inside the arc tonight against the Jazz. Before you ask, yes, the commentators were suitably amused.

Their amusement will turn to fear as they realize that this is the new, reformed Luke Babbitt. Defenses have to respect his flat-footed three ball, and he will take advantage by driving into the paint with ferocity and hair. It is only a matter of time before he starts catching lobs and doing windmills.

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